About Us

A world-class brewery demonstrating consistency in quality over decades.

Since its launch in 1963, and as the first beer to be produced and to originate from Mauritius, Phoenix Beer has always had a special place in the hearts of Mauritians.

A symbol of conviviality and friendship, it brings people from different backgrounds and different generations together to share special moments.

The famous beer of Mauritius has flown to several parts of the world to become an internationally recognised beer and has been awarded many international awards. Soaring as high as the Phoenix bird and conquering new destinations, Phoenix Beer is an inspiration to live big and dream big.

Pride of a Nation

Previously known as Isle de France, Mauritius was once Dutch, French and British before it became independent. It was the home of the Dodo bird and is now inhabited by a diverse population of various flavours and rhythms that speak mainly Creole, French, and English.

Today, Mauritius is known as a luxury destination boasting stunning beaches, emerald lagoons, spectacular waterfalls, and an inland terrain spoiled with volcanic mountains.


The Australia-Mauritius Connection

Mauritius has a long connection with Australia, which dates back to the establishment of a trading relationship in 1803. Early immigrants to Australia were varied and included convicts, prospectors who came to the Victorian goldfields and skilled sugarcane workers. The latter migrant group were known as ‘sugar men’ and made a significant contribution to the development of the Queensland sugar industry. Over the last 30 years, migration from Mauritius to Australia has steadily increased, nowadays the Australo-Mauritian community counts over 25,000.

Phoenix Beer brings to Australia the heritage of a diverse people and their tropical culture, perfect for the Australian climate. Having a Phoenix is the closest thing to visiting the island.

Why Phoenix Beer

The official beer of Mauritius, this polished, golden yellow beer is made with 5% alcohol. Phoenix beer is pasteurised after bottling, according to natural conservation methods. The quality of the underground water also means that no chemical additives are used.

Where is Phoenix Beer from?

Phoenix Beer comes from the island of Mauritius to the east of the African continent, right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is known for its fine beaches, fusion cuisine and beautiful landscapes.

Who makes Phoenix Beer?

At PhoenixBev, the motto is ‘Thirst for the Best’. It is a driving force to seek premium quality in everything and this is what makes Phoenix Beer exceptional.

Why it is special?

Not only does Phoenix Beer hail from an iconic island which evokes dreams of tropical adventure, it is also brewed from a pristine natural aquifer, untouched and unmodified by humans. The first time you open a bottle or a can is the first time that water is exposed to the environment.

Why should I buy it?

Feel like you’re on a paradise island with the sun on your face, drinking Phoenix Beer is the next best thing to visiting Mauritius.