Phoenix Beer Stubbies 330ml

The official beer of Mauritius, this polished, golden yellow beer is made with 5% alcohol. Phoenix beer is pasteurised after bottling, according to natural conservation methods. The quality of the underground water also means that no chemical additives are used.

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Type: Lager
Brewing Method:
– Traditional brewing techniques
– Low temperature & long maturation process
Strength: 5% ABV
Colour: Light Golden typical Pilsners
Aroma: Crisp fresh aroma with malty notes
Taste: Crisp lagered beer with a refreshingly dry linger
After palate: Dry & sweet note

Award winning lager: The best testimonial of Phoenix Beer merit is perhaps the list of international accolades (High International Quality Trophies, Grand Gold Medals, Gold Medals, Silver Medals, Bronze Medals) it has collected over nearly half a century – which is ever growing. Medals awarded by the prestigious ‘MONDE SELECTION’ – International Institute for Quality Selections, Brussels.

This refined process of brewing has resulted in a clean and refreshing beer style which is perfect for Australia.

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11 reviews for Phoenix Beer Stubbies 330ml

  1. SydneyFoodie

    Phoenix Beer is definitely my absolute favourite. Best enjoyed freezing cold with Asian style food or snacks.

  2. Phoenix

    Great Beer and Great taste. I recommend to enjoy really cold.

  3. Adventurer

    Easy to Drink and tastes great. Can be paired with anything salty and sour.

  4. FredT

    A rich malty brew. A little different but great and the second one tastes even better than the first.

  5. Not Waiting Anymore

    If you like a richly-tuned brew, but without it being overbearing, you’ll probably find this Phoenix to not just fly upwards like a quality beer should, but it stays up there and circles with you too (it has a great aftertaste). Not many beers originate in Mauritus, but this one has, and it is really a great find. If you can get it, indeed . . get it. It’s worth every cent.

  6. Blake

    I love this pure style of brewing and you can taste the difference. It would be easier if it was available in store though as shipping takes a while but nonetheless I am grateful we can get it.

  7. Mauritian Magician

    A naturalised beer with great malt flavour. Enjoyable and refreshing all the way till the last drop along with the excitement of winning The Metropolitan in 2014.

  8. Avilicious

    Outstanding beer. Would recommend in store please.

  9. Kris

    Great beer absolutely outstanding.

  10. Islander

    Very nice beer with a distinct aroma. Enjoyable to the last drop.

  11. Vx

    Award winning beer.

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